Patient Testimonials

I am so grateful to you for your medical care, compassion, and encouragement. You have enhanced my conviction, "That all of God's Angels are not in Heaven".

Billy M.

Thank you so much for all of the kindness that you showed my in scheduling procedures, then my surgery. In spite of how nervous I was, your sweet and caring spirit always made me feel better.

My entire experience with CPM Advanced Surgical Specialists has been a very positive one! Thanks for going the "extra mile" for me.

Celia L.

Just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate the blessing of having you all take such great care of me in surgery this morning.

I expected much more of an after affect & so far have had almost none. After a nap, I fixed dinner (or rather warmed up leftovers) did laundry & visited (here at our house) with our uncle & aunt. Not at all the kind of after surgery day I had anticipated!

Thank you for the sacrifices you made & the resources you invested to become a physician & then to specialize in "bottoms".

Beverly G.

CPM Advanced Surgical Specialists are the best general surgeons in South Atlanta.
Who is the best surgeon to deal with my problem? Relax CPM has a combined 50 years of experience performing state of the art procedures with great success.
Relax you are in good hands!

The beautiful Piedmont Newnan Outpatient Center where Dr. Cranford, Powell and Morris all perform state of the art surgery for CPM Advanced Surgical Specialists.